"Canine Guardians of Kissimmee" - Non- Profit Dog Rescue
A Little Bit About Us
Our Non-Profit Dog Rescue was founded by Meredith Almond. This Rescue was created to save healthy and kind dogs from being euthanized at shelters for over crowding, as well as to take in surrendered dogs due to financial or military circumstances.  We have very limited space, but with high hopes believe that we will have people open their homes and hearts for these beautiful creatures. Whether it is for a permanent location, or a foster home, another kennel will open for another life to be saved. 
Because we are a non-profit organization, we need ALL the help we can get!!!  We are constantly looking for donations and volunteers that will go through the application process- Please contact us if you are interested, or would like to learn more!!
We Are Looking For :
- Dog Food               - Dog Treats
- Old Towels            - Large Metal Dog Bowls
-  Leashes                -  Collars    
- Dog Toys               - Animal Friendly Cleaner        
 - Store Gift Cards  - Blankets
(We have a PayPal account : see "Donate" button bellow, & we also accept Cash & Check Donations)
Meredith Almond
Cindy Kleinkopf
                             Nichole Doyne
                             Bryce Pitts
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